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  • Glass-shop The best glass shop for do-it-yourselfers

    Buy glass panels, double glazing, greenhouse glass and much more at Glass-shop

    We only use best suppliers, which ensures us high quality and short delivery time.

  • We cutto your measures

Glass and thermoglass (double glazing) on dimensions for private and business

At Glass-shop you can buy a large selection of glass and thermoglass/double glazing on measurements. Most of our products are Danish produced, which gives us high quality and short delivery times.

Glass plates

All our different glass plates are available in exactly the size you want and in many different thicknesses. has clear glass, colored glass, opal glass (also called frosted or sandblasted), energy glass. sound glass (brakes traffic noise, etc.) and several other kinds. The different types of glass are available with polished edges, so they are nice to look at and nice to touch, so you do not cut yourself.

The glass we sell can be roughly divided into 3 categories:

Ordinary glass: Ordinary single-layer glass, also called float glass, as you know it from greenhouses, glass shelves, interior doors, etc.
Tempered glass: The glass has been specially processed, so it is many times stronger than ordinary glass, and thus harder to break. Should tempered glass be damaged, the glass goes into 1,000 small harmless pieces, so it is also very personal safe. See prices for tempered glass here.
Laminated glass: Is made up of 2 layers of glass with a foil in between. Typical 2 x 3mm glass. Laminated glass is very difficult to break through, and is also very personal, as possibly. glass fragments are stuck in the foil, instead of falling down.

Order plain glass by size here.

Thermoglass / Double glazing

2-layer double glazing: The most common double glazing used in older houses. For years back, the standard was 20mm double glazing, built of 2 x 4mm glass and 12mm air in between, also called 4-12-4. Studies have shown that the best insulation value (U-value) is obtained at 15 or 16mm air. Typically, the gas Argon is used between the glass, as it provides particularly good insulation numbers. A 4-15-4 double glazing has a U-value of 1.1.
3-layer double glazing (Super low energy): After the introduction of 3-layer double glazing, it has become possible with U-values ​​as low as 0.52 - we call this super low-energy glazing. The construction is the same as 2 layers of windows, only with an extra layer of air and glass. The most commonly used double glazing in 3 layers is 4-15-4-15-4. It has a U-value of 0.6.

Double glazing in both 2 and 3 layers is available with many different types of glass. We offer double glazing with tempered glass, laminated glass, sound glass and colored glass. For anti-theft and burglar-proof double-glazed windows, we recommend tempered laminated glass. We offer all thermal glass cut to your measurements..

Splash plates

It can be convenient to have a glass splash plate behind the hob or behind the faucet to take splashes. The glass splash plate is easy to wipe off and is available in several colors. We recommend that the stone plate is in tempered glass, as it can better cope with the heat impact from any. water vapor. We offer square splash plates in glass to measure. Buy splash plates in glass here.


The glass shop has 3 types of mirrors, all of which are sold to measure.

Ordinary mirror: Standard cheap mirror for hanging where you want it. Can also subsequently be framed.
Safety mirror: Mirror with a safety foil on the back, which the glass pieces stick to if the mirror should break. This makes the mirror very childproof.
Laminated bathroom mirror: The ideal mirror for walling. The mirror is made up of 2 layers of glass with a mirror foil in between. If ordinary mirrors are walled in, the foil may start to rust. This is not done with a laminated mirror. A laminated mirror is also personal safe.

See the selection of mirrors here.

We sell fittings and mounting glue for hanging mirrors. However, we do not recommend using brackets on the safety mirror, as they can not hold on to the foil. Use the mounting glue instead.

Glass protection

Railings and glass screens for balconies and terraces are really beautiful in glass. We offer tempered and laminated safety glass for railings around e.g. a terrace. You can get the glass guard in the dimensions you want. We also have a large selection of balusters and handrails to suit the various glass guards. We also offer glass protection for indoor stairs and landings - send us a drawing and we will give you a price. See prices for glass protection here.

Shower solutions

Large selection of shower doors and shower walls in glass. Many different designs and solutions to choose from. has standard solutions for 90 gr. Corners along walls etc. We can also tailor your shower solution in glass. See prices for shower doors and shower walls in glass here.

Should you have questions about the choice of glass type or double glazing, please contact us. We are also happy to help with the dimensioning of your terrace guard or railing.

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